Double-Action Elicitor that can be used by foliar spraying and fertirrigation


ACT-2 may be applied by foliar spraying and/or drip-irrigation, combining and or alternating both systems.

Foliar Spraying:
0.15-0.2% <> 150-200 cc/100 liters of water (1.5-2l/ha)

1.5-2 l/ha (depending on the number of the plants per hectares) or
0.75-1l/ha/week in high growing period.


Regular application (every 7-14 days). It is recommended to not exceed 20 days between applications.

In crops with rapid growth, results may be achieved with 4 to 8 applications, depending on crop length and characteristics.

In tree crops, from 3 to 5 applications

It is recommended to consult the technical department and/or the authorized distributor to establish the programme suitable for all crops and agricultural conditions.