Higher yield and quality:
precocity and fruit size

Main characteristic:
  • Enhances the “own” defensive system of the plants:
    Increased resistance against diseases, damage reactions and better recovery against biotic and abiotic stress.
  • Activates the production process and metabolism:
    Activates the process related to growth (cell multiplication and rooting), production and quality of crops and with resistance and adaptation to stressful situation.
  • Improves yield and consequently higher profit:
    ACT-2® enhances crop resistance, with a quicker and stronger response, favouring crop development, to achieve optimum yield, and therefore more profit.


Benefits of ACT-2:
  • Re-inforces general plant health (SAR):
    Protection against biotic diseases and abiotic stress (extreme temperature, drought, soil salinity).
  • Improves the vegetative development:
    Formation of primary roots, growth uniformity, better flowering and fruit set.
  • Higher Calcium mobilization:
    Improved post-harvest product, increases fruit shelf life with higher resistance to handling, resulting in more ºBrix, as well as firmness and quality after cold storage.
  • Lower impact to physiological disorders related to calcium ion:
    “Tip Burn” in Lettuce, Blossom End Rot in Tomato and Pepper, “Cracking” in Cherry and “Bitter Pit” in Apple.